IR Defense Corporation has introduced the IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS).

The IR Hunter thermal weapon sight features true rifle scope ergonomics with familiar, MOA-accurate, control turrets instead of buttons. Shooters will be amazed by the exceedingly crisp image produced by athermalized Germanium optic, the Flir thermal sensor, the Mil-Spec Kopin SVGA 800×600 pixel Digital Micro-display and the easy to use DFC Digital Focus Control. The DFC will put that ill-fated critter right in front of your muzzle as you zoom from 1X to 4X; while the huge display’s high resolution graphics and amazingly realistic color pallet will send a shiver down your spine just before you squeeze the trigger.

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Shooters will certainly drop their targets, with authority and confidence, when employing the IR Hunter’s, factory standard, MOAR or IHR reticles from Nightforce Optics, and a revolutionary new means of advance targeting called ETR or Enhanced Target Recognition. The ETR allows the shooter to quickly and precisely apply max processing power to the specific area of interest ensuring a clear and crisp sight picture of your target.

Constructed, solidly, from aerospace quality 6061 aluminum the IR Hunter also features an E-Z Intuitive Calibration system, an E-Z Image Capture system and a UMI- Universal Mounting interface. The IR Hunter will operate all night on a pair of CR-123 batteries, is water and dustproof to IP67 standards and will function reliably from -40°C to +80°C. Designed for hard use, the IR Hunter will perform shot after shot whether you are firing a .220Wildcat or a .338WinMag.

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The IR Hunter comes with a choice of a 19mm, 35mm or 50mm front objective lens and with a 160, 320 or 640 Flir Tau, 17 micron pixel-pitch, thermal core. A tactical version, complete with a Docter Optic style, mini reflex sight mount is available. Choose your sight’s color from among black, coyote brown, OD green or a number of popular camouflage patterns such as Multi-Cam.

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