IR Defense Corp. has announced the introduction of their new IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight, brand new for 2014. This thermal sight, which is both convertible to a clip-on thermal imager and fully digital, comes with ergonomic turret knob controls, Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) software, EZ Digital Zoom (1x-8x magnification) for optimized targeting, Digital Focus Control (DFC) for soft and/or sharp high resolution imagery, and much more.

In addition, the IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight has a state of the art, Flir Tau 2 Microbolometer (Choice of 160×120, 320×240, 640×480 pixel array), a Mil-Spec 800 x 600pixel Kopin Micro Display, a diamond-turned germanium optic from Ophir, a high-end Fischer Video-out connector for up/downloads, an optional, ACOG style universal mounting interface and a Diamond-Like-Carbon(DLC) coated Germanium, Sacrificial Window for protecting the main optic all wrapped in a rugged and lightweight aerospace aluminum housing.

The IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight has a starting price of $3,999. It is designed specifically for varmint hunters, tactical operators, and marksmen who must rapidly drop multiple targets, at various unknown distances, in a nighttime setting. See below for additional details.

Features: IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight

  • Ergonomic Turret Knob controls instead of complex keypads
  • Enhanced Target Recognition (ETR) software for images that pop
  • EZ Digital Zoom (1X-8X) for quick and easy targeting
  • Digital Focus Control (DFC) for soft or sharp imagery
  • An advanced suite of, unique and precise, Ranging Reticles
  • High Resolution Graphics-800×600 pixels for precise imagery
  • An EZ-Cal intuitive calibration system for sharp imagery
  • 100% Designed & Built by American Shooters

IR Defense Corp. is an Auburn, California-based designer and manufacturer of advanced thermal weapon sights and digital image intensified night vision sights; For more information about the IR Hunter Thermal Weapon Sight and the full range of products currently offered by IR Defense Corp., please visit

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