IR Defense REAP-IR Mini Thermal Sight
The REAP-IR Mini Thermal Sight from IR Defense

New for 2016, IR Defense has announced its REAP-IR mini thermal sight.

The REAP-IR features the 640×480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core of the company’s IR Hunter Mark III with the compact size and weight of the IR Patrol. The unique combination of features makes the REAP-IR ideal for Special Operations, Tactical Teams and border security, as well as hunters.

The REAP-IR features a 12-degree field-of-view with the 2.5x magnification and 20x digital magnification. When combined with the 12um micron LWIR thermal core and digital OLED display make for outstanding image quality.

An integrated stadiametric range finder on the REAP-IR allows users to quickly determine distance to your targets. An additional feature is the 60hz fast frame rate that is extremely helpful when leading a shot or for fast moving targets.

Other features include multiple reticle save locations that allows the REAP-IR to be moved between different weapons without the need of sighting in every time. An easy to use digital read out allows the operator to quickly make any changes and choose different options. The read out also displays the current reticle positions for ballistic calculations and sighting in. Operators have the choice of five different reticle patterns and polarity options to best fit their needs and preferences.

An easy to use thumb stick makes operating the mini thermal sight simple even in dark conditions and a flip-up lens cap protects the lens when not being used. The mini thermal sight can be used as a stand-alone system or in front of your day optics for added versatility.

Mini D-Loc Picatinny Rail mount and battery extender are included with the system and an optional video output cable is available.

The mini thermal sight weighs 20.8 ounces (590 g) and is 6.6 inches long and constructed to Mil-Spec standards. As with all IR Defense products the REAP-IR is designed, manufactured and, built in the US.

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