ITT Night Vision’s new ITT Night Enforcer brand NEPVS-14 monocular night vision device (MNVD) is intended for use by homeland security, law enforcement, and first responders. ITT’s Night Enforcer brand products are now manufactured with commercial Pinnacle® image tubes and utilize the same optics, housings, assembly, and testing used in ITT military systems.

The NEPVS-14 is designed for use by the individual officer in a variety of ground-based night operations, ranging from the extreme tactical to basic surveillance. It features the superior performance of the Gen 3 F9815 Pinnacle® image intensifier with manual gain control to optimize resolution in variable lighting conditions for better situational awareness.

The NEPVS-14 offers the user the most versatility of any night vision device available. The unit can be handheld for simple observation or head- or helmet-mounted for handsfree operations. The system can be weapon-mounted directly to any MIL-STD-1913 type rail system in conjunction with various optical or laser sighting systems. It can also be attached to various cameras for night time surveillance ops or gathering evidentiary data.

Night Enforcer brand systems carry a 5-year factory warranty on the image tube and a 3-year factory warranty on the system.

Key Features:
* Pinnacle® image intensifier
* Variable gain
* Adjustable headmount
* Camera-adaptable
* F/1.2 objective lens
* IR illuminator
* IR-on indicator
* Weather resistant
* Weaponsight mountable
* Automatic brightness control for high light protection
* Eyepiece diopter adjustment
* Low battery indicator
* Flexible carrying case
* 3 year system warranty
* 5 year intensifier tube warranty
* 1 year warranty for international customers


3X Military Lens
A high performance Galilean afocal telescope, the 3X Military F/1.5 lens mounts to the objective lens of many of ITT’s night vision devices. This lens comes with a flexible, durable carrying case.

Mount for PASGT helmet
Allows the user to attach the 6015 or PVS-14 directly to PASGT helmets. includes flip-up/flip-down capability and fore-and-aft adjustment. Other helmet mount assemblies are available. Call for details.

NE/PVS-14 Camera Adapter Assembly
Enables you to adapt the NE6015 or NE/PVS-14 night vision unit to any 35mm SLR camera or camcorder with 46mm lens.

Step Up/Step Down Ring Kit
Includes 46mm to 37mm, 46mm to 52mm, and 46mm to 43mm step-up/step-down rings to assist in attaching the NE6015 and NEPVS-14 to a variety of camera systems.

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ITT Night Vision's new ITT Night Enforcer brand NEPVS-14 monocular night vision device (MNVD)…