Ares Armor Judge And Jury Ambidextrous Safety

Ares Armor takes its customers’ opinions seriously, which is how the company came up with the new Judge And Jury Ambidextrous Safety Selector.

The new product is designed to be compatible as an upgrade kit to any shooter’s ambidextrous Gavel Safety Selector or used as a new safety selector.

Ares’ Judge and Jury Ambidextrous Safety offers selector switches made from 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Shooters have the option of choosing anodized in red or black.

The Judge and Jury comes in two lengths, a standard length and a new medium length that is in between the old short III lever and the Gavel lever.

Made for the AR-15 / .308 LR weapon platforms, the Judge and Jury is a variable position short throw safety selector. It can be set in 30 degree increments to the users preference and has a throw of 55 degrees.

Each Judge and Jury comes with both short and long high strength polymer levers, steel shaft, high strength American made screws and appropriate allen key.

The Judge and Jury’s levers interface with the shaft with a gear-like spline system to ensure equal pressure and longevity of strength. The weight of the throw is equally distributed across this system allowing the selector to be both extremely light weight and durable.

The Judge And Jury Ambidextrous Safety Selector retails for $39.99 and is available now.

For more information on the Judge And Jury Ambidextrous Safety Selector and other products from Ares Armor, please visit

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