The highly popular Kahles K624i has received significant upgrades for 2015.

The new 2015 MOA version of the K624i utilizes a similar MOA based reticle with ¼ MOA adjustment turrets. This scope has also been upgraded optically and achieves superior performance in all categories.

The Kahles K624i is built on a single, solid, one piece scope body. In fact, the scope bodies of every Kahles scope, including their hunting style scopes, are machined from a single solid piece of bar stock aluminum billet.

While nearly every other scope manufacturer starts with a forged or extruded scope body, Kahles goes to the extra mile to ensure a higher quality product through their method of scope body machining from a solid piece of bar stock.

A 56mm objective lens is utilized up front and the scope body gracefully tapers down to a 34mm main tube. Ample mounting surface is available in front of the adjustment housing for optimal positioning of the front scope ring.

The adjustment housing is where Kahles has set another industry first, with a top mounted parallax adjustment instead of a turret on the side of the scope. Kahles is the first company to place the parallax adjustment in this position, immediately below the elevation turret, and Kahles holds the patent on this method.

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