Russian military optic development and manufacturing received a kick-start about 70 years ago. Through the spoils of war, the Soviet Union began to develop and manufacture rugged military optics just before World War II ended. After the Soviet Army entered Germany during the war, the Soviets made a concerted effort to occupy as many industrial factories as possible, drawing the iron curtain around most German optical plants, including the renowned Carl Zeiss-Jena factory. The Soviets took the optics technology and tooling back to the Soviet Union, where they added refinements and began to build similar—in some cases even more advanced—optics.

Today, Russian combat optics are among the most rugged and reliable made. They’re currently used on AK-74M and SVDK rifles by designated marksmen in Russia and Russian Commonwealth units, Spetsnaz or special-purpose forces and other specialized troops. And Kalinka Optics Warehouse brings new Russian glass to shooters in America. The company is well known for offering top-quality Russian optics and mounts to support ComBloc rifles and variants.

“We have long-standing relationships with the surrounding Russian factories, which allows for direct access and assistance with product design, development and improvements,” said Kevin Artzner, the company’s general manager.

With about 15 years in the industry, Kalinka Optics Warehouse has considerable product knowledge, and its staff listens to customers to better understand their needs. “This has allowed us to source, develop and offer some of the best products available for the AK rifle,” Artzner said.

In many cases, Kalinka Optics Warehouse sources its own components for manufacturing its products, providing even greater quality control. “KOW’s goal is to offer the best support for the ComBloc rifle owner and provide the products they need,” Artzner said.

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