Kel-Tec’s SUB-2000 carbine has been chugging along for more than a decade. Kel Tec innovation runs rampant through the SUB-2000. Embracing the concept of commonality among duty-pistol magazines, the carbines use four basic pistol magazines: the SIG 226, the Beretta 92, the S&W 5900, and the GLOCK 17/19. Today SUB-2000 carbines are available in 9mm and .40 S&W calibers.

Affordability and convenience are the two main attributes keeping the SUB-2000 viable in this Black Rifle age. The SUB-2000 has an MSRP of $409—you should have no trouble finding a better price at your local dealer. And as for convenience, these little carbines are lightweight, easy to operate, and able to fold in half for storage. The only item on shooters’ wish lists would be a rail or mount system for adding a red-dot sight. Kel-Tec heard this loud and clear.

Kel-Tec has recently released a new Four-Way Aluminum Rail System for the SUB-2000 carbine, which completely replaces the factory forend. You can install the rail system at your workbench or on your kitchen table.
There are four Picatinny rails (top, bottom, left, right)—this is different from your AR’s one-piece rail system and better-priced, coming in at just under $100. There are numerous screws so you will want to avail yourself of some thread-lock. And as for what can you mount on the rails, the sky’s the limit.

If you’re keeping the SUB-2000 handy for home defense, I recommend adding a bright white light—there are numerous red-dot and visible laser sights available—but in the end the choice is yours. Whatever you do decide, be sure to take that rig to the range! For more information please visit Kel-Tec’s website at or call 321-631-0068.

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