Kick Eez A2-111 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad
Kick Eez A2-111 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad

Kick-Eez Products has announced the release of their A2-111 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad, new for 2014. This recoil pad is designed to fit with a majority of A2 composite synthetic stocks, including those with or without the trap door feature. In addition, the end-user doesn’t need to make any modification to the stock. He or she can simply use the screws supplied with the pad.

The A2-111 Pre-Fit Recoil Pad from Kick-Eez Products is 1 1/8” thick, which helps dramatically reduce the recoil when using the AR platform. This tough, durable recoil pad is made from solid Sorbothane and does not include any steel plates or hollow spots. The manufacturer suggested retail price for this product is $35. It comes in one size and one color.

Kick-Eez Products is a Washington-based company best known for manufacturing a wide variety of shooting supplies and recoil pads made of Sorbothane, providing shock absorption when firing the weapon and reducing recoil. According to their official website, “less recoil reduces flinching, easing sore shoulders and cheeks and eliminates recoil in all shooting conditions. From shoulder to fingers, Kick-Eez has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help to adjust your ‘line of sight.'”

Kick-Eez and their products are designed for hunters, as well as recreational and competitive shooters. They sell pre-fit recoil pads, grind-to-fit recoil pads, AR pads, colored grind-to-fit recoil pads, slip-over recoil pads, and other accessories.

“I stock and install Kick-Eez pads exclusively,” one review states on their official website. “I feel that they give the best balance of recoil reduction, ease of installation and appearance of any pad I’ve ever used.”

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