Kinetic Concealment Holster Glock 43
Kinetic Concealment's neoprene-backed leather hybrid holster for the Glock 43 allows for less moisture to be transferred from the body to the gun

Kinetic Concealment is bringing its patent pending neoprene-backed leather hybrid holsters to one of the most popular guns on the market: The Glock 43.

The advantages to having Kinetic Concealment’s neoprene backing is multi-purpose. With neoprene, less moisture is transferred from the body to the gun, protecting the metals of the firearm and keeping your Glock 43 as new as ever.

Just as important, the neoprene-backing also allows for added comfort for the body and added support for the firearm. The neoprene slides smoothly on any cotton undershirt.

The use of Chicago-Style screw sets on Kinetic Concealment’s holsters allow the user to remove all elements of the holster attachments for easy cleaning of the leather neoprene pad.

Kinetic Concealment also offers the holster as an Outside the Waistband (OWB) model and in the company’s newly popular Combo Kits.

The IWB model retails for $76.95, while the OWB model retails for $44.95.

For more information on the new holsters and other products from Kinetic Concealment, please visit

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