Kinetic Concealment introduces their new line of hybrid holsters. Unlike traditional leather Kydex hybrid holsters, Kinetic Concealment has added a neoprene backing to the body side of the leather for additional comfort and support.

Kinetic Concealment’s patent pending neoprene backing has a nylon coating on the skin side of the holster. The advantages to having neoprene is multi-purpose. Less moisture is transferred from the body to the gun, protecting the metals of the firearm. The neoprene-backing also allows for added comfort for the body, and added support for the firearm. The neoprene slides smoothly on any cotton undershirt; furthermore, in the event the user does not have an undershirt, the firearm can still be concealed comfortably with direct-to-skin holster contact. The use of Chicago-Style screw sets allows the user to remove all elements of the holster attachments for easy cleaning of the leather neoprene pad.

Kinetic Concealment also offers Kydex high-ride and a low-ride hole sets in the event the user wants to adjust the shell for optional wear. The belt clips offer a three-level cant positioning system for even further customization.

Retail Price for any holster offered is $76.95.

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