Kinetic Concepts Tactical (KCT), a Michigan-based manufacturer of kydex holsters and magazine carriers, is unveiling their new MOLLE-Link holster. This system enables the end user to carry a holster on gear that has MOLLE/PALS webbing without installing extra hardware which requires adjustment and maintenance. It is compatible with Mil-Spec spaced gear with 1″ wide nylon webbing and 1″ spacing between the rows.

To guarantee a tight hold on a vest or a belt, this holster uses two rows of webbing for optimum stability. KCT says that full-sized handguns like the Glock 17 or 1911 will use all of this space, while subcompact handguns such as the Keltec PF9 or S&W Bodyguard will have an area below the mold which is empty. “Horizontally, the holster uses five columns of webbing, however a traditional style pouch can be mounted to the last column on either side,” KCT said.

As points out, KCT is adapting the concept to a line of pouches and carriers to outfit a battle belt, resulting in a compact load carriage system.

The MSRP for the MOLLE-Link holster is $35.00. See below for installation and removal instructions.


  • Step 1- Pinch the row of webbing with the pliers into a ‘taco’ shape.
  • Step 2- Pull the pinched webbing through the slot on the holster.
  • Step 3- Pull the top and bottom of the webbing flat, locking it into place.


  • Step 1- Grab one end of the webbing with the pliers.
  • Step 2- Push it towards the center of the slot near the opening.
  • Step 3- Pull the webbing down and through the slot. Though this is a plastic product which is flexible, more emphasis should be put on flexing the nylon webbing than the holster slots themselves.

For more information about the MOLLE-Link system, and the full range of products currently offered by Kinetic Concepts Tactical, please visit

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