Kinetic Development Group launched its company just a few months ago. In that time, the company is coming through on its promise to bring solutions to the small arms market for high quality firearms.

KDG started with the FN SCAR, as many SCARs are deployed with various Special Operations Forces. The company also recognize the 16S and 17S are increasingly popular with American shooters and law enforcement.

Well, KDG has just addressed another common complaint about SCAR. Some refer to it as the SCAR’s “UGG Boot” like stock system. KDG says its all new SCAR Adaptable Stock is a serious improvement over the SCAR OEM stock system.

KDG’s SCAR Adaptable Stock is made from 6061 T6 aluminum billet that is black hard coat anodized — that not only reinforces the stock, but also the open rear end of the SCAR’s thin extruded U-shaped receiver. To top it off, the SCAR Adaptable Stock weighs approximately a .25 pounds less than the all polymer factory SCAR stock assembly.

All SCAR Adaptable Stock kits come standard with seven positions of length adjustment, cheek weld height adjustment, an AMBI QD sling attachment point, a weatherproof battery compartment and a side-folding feature.

Like the factory stock, the weapon can be fired with the stock folded. KDG also added an optional set-screw to allow users the option to eliminate any play between the stock and receiver.

Finally, the stock and adapter comes fully assembled from KDG. There are no tools required to install on your SCAR!

The entire SCAR Adaptable Stock system retails for $299 and will be available for purchase on the KDG’s website or from a listed KDG dealer.

For more information on the SCAR Adaptable Stock and other products from Kinetic Development Group, please visit

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