Every year, the cutlery industry debuts a ton of new models, and as in every past year for the last several decades, I have once more discovered that the death of the tactical knife “fad” is just more wishful thinking by certain traditionalists. If anything, it is picking up speed rather than dying. Why? Because these tactical knives are actually useful for a wide range of chores.

Among the trends, both automatic and “flipper”-opening folders are appearing in ever greater numbers. You know push-button folders have entered the mainstream when you see that Buck Knives is producing an auto version of its legendary 110 lock-back! Spine-mounted flippers are a little more controversial, but I have found them to be very practical.

Other trends include more push daggers, machetes, tomahawks, karambit-based fighters and one cleaver turned all-purpose outdoor knife. In other words, there’s something for practically every taste. In the gallery above, I’ll try to cover some of the best new tactical knives out there right now.

For more information about the tactical knives featured here, please visit the following sites.


Bear & Son Cutlery

Columbia River Knife & Tool

Buck Knives



DPx Gear

ESEE Knives




Krudo Knives


SOG Knives


TOPS Knives

Winkler Knives

Zero Tolerance

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