Spartan warriors were known for their great courage and self-discipline. According to the dictionary, the word “Spartan” also means something “marked by simplicity, frugality or the avoidance of luxury and comfort.” Oddly enough, both uses are applicable when discussing Spartan Blades.

Curtis Iovito and Mark Carey founded the company after they retired from the special operations community with more than 40 years of combined military service. To quote the company’s website, “It is the intent of Spartan Blades to provide the modern warrior and outdoorsman with knives that will serve them in a variety of missions and environments.”

It is important to note that every Spartan blade is manufactured in North Carolina using materials of U.S. origin. I recently had a discussion with Iovito concerning which Spartan models are the most popular within the law enforcement and tactical communities. He was kind enough to forward four very distinct and different blades for evaluation.

Check out the four blades in the gallery above. For more information on Spartan Blades, please visit or call 910-757-0035.

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