Bawidamann Blades HRUND
The Bawidamann Blades HRUND

Bawidamann Blades has unveiled two new blades and a new add-on to one of its existing blades.

The two blades are the HRUND and a new Uber Scabbard. The addition comes to the existing Pogn knife, which now comes with G10 VZ Walkure grips.

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The HRUND is the newest knife from Bawidamann Blades. With a blade length of only 2.85 inches, and an overall length of 6.75 inches, the HRUND is deceptively small. Made from S35-VN steel with a full tang and G10 grips.

Available with Stonewashed, Tungsten, and Bronze finishes.

The HRUND retails for $285, while the Pogn with G10 VZ Walkure grips retails for $305. No price was available for the Uber Scabbard.

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