Bawidamann Blades is introducing a line of Skeletonized Karambit knives, brand new for 2014. Designed in conjunction with Steve Hacht and Bryce Grey, these lightweight knives have a paracord friendly, skeletonized lightning pattern handle, a .180 (3/16-inch) thick blade, and a hardness of 61-63 on the Rockwell scale. The handle does not come paracord wrapped, although it can be customized – the lightning pattern will allow the user to employ many different wrapping solutions.

In addition to those advantages, the knives are machined from CPM Cru-Wear steel and come with a unique and effective new carry system. As is common knowledge, figuring out a way to carry a fixed karambit can be tricky. Fortunately, Bawidamann Blades has come up with a solution. The company is now offering a custom conceal carry sheath with a “pull the dot” snap in the ST801 PUP nylon backstrap. This enables the sheath to lock onto a belt against the user’s body, for comfortable carry and quick access.

These Skeletonized Karambit knives by Bawidamann Blades — which have an overall weight of 4.5 ounces (7.2 ounces with paracord and the sheath) — are available in four different color variants: Forest Green, Black, Bronze, and Tungsten. The manufacturer suggested retail price for these knives is $305.00. See below for additional details.

Features: Bawidamann Blades Skeletonized Karambit

-Skeletonized Lightning Pattern
 (paracord friendly)
-.180 thick (just shy of 3/16 IN) CPM – CRUWEAR
-Target rockwell will be 61 – 63
-Heavy chamfers for comfortability
-4.5 oz (7.2 oz with paracord and sheath)
-Custom CC Carry sheath included. PUP Compatible.
-The Pull-the-Dot is a heavy duty, three sided locking snap fastener that is designed to withstand extreme pressure on three sides without unlocking.
-When pulled on the fourth side where the Pull-the-DOT trademark appears, the fastener will release instantly.

For more information about the Skeletonized Karambit knives being offered by Bawidamann Blades, please visit

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