Carrying a knife with the intention of using it as a weapon is a responsibility that most might not give enough thought. There’s a lot more to it than carrying the knife somewhere comfortable and assuming you’re safe.

Author Ed Calderon, who is the director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico, recently spoke with the Loadout Room and listed out a number of questions anyone who owns a knife should be able to answer before making it a part of their everyday carry gear.

If you need to know more about Calderon’s credentials before continuing, he’s received “specialized training in the fields of counter-abduction, close protection, urban operations and anti-terrorism both in Mexico and in the U.S.,” according to the blog “Always Bring a Knife.”

“I even got some training in Coronado, Calif., by the Department of the Navy — some of the best instruction I have ever received,” Calderon said.

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Without further ado, here’s Calderon’s list of questions to consider when carrying a knife:

  • How quick can you get the knife open and in your hand?
  • Can you open the knife with one hand?
  • Can you reach the knife with either hand?
  • Can you deploy the knife if someone grabs you from behind and pins both of your arms to your sides?
  • Can the blade shape and edge profile snag in flesh or thick clothing?
  • Does the blade have a highly visible reflective finish on it?
  • Does it have a balance between concealment capabilities and accessibility?
  • If it’s a folder, is the locking mechanism on it solid?
  • How loud is it when you take the blade out of its sheath or unfold it?
  • Does it have markings or writing on it that identify it as only a weapon? (like tactical, skulls or a dragon with a ninja riding it)
  • Can you maintain it out in the field without any special tools?
  • Can you afford to lose it in case you need to dump it?
  • Do you have a training version of the rig or folder you plan to carry? (Very important)
  • Are you willing to invest in edged weapons training and not just carry a knife like some sort of amulet to ward off danger?
  • Are you prepared to maim or kill someone with it if the need arises?

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