Colonel Blades Low Vz 2.0 knife

The Colonel is perhaps the strongest, most efficient knife on the market.

When grasping The Colonel, the user’s upper arm, forearm and wrist are aligned in their strongest physical position. Colonel Blades says its chief blade is so strong that any user could do push-ups with them.

Newly released is the Low Vz 2.0 model of The Colonel.

The Low Vz 2.0 is made from single-edged 154cm steel for outstanding edge retention. G10 panels have been added to the Low Vz 2.0 model for exceptional grip adhesion.

Other features of the Low Vz 2.0 include a lower profile for added stealth and a leaner plastic injection molded sheath/clip for effortless conceal and carry.

Tip-to-target acquisition is exponentially increased with The Colonel. The Colonel point leads through the entire strike. Users don’t lose a powerful swing to only have the edge swipe and the point miss. The outcome: an incredibly high percentage of strikes are achieved.

The Low Vz 2.0 retails for $200 and is available now.

For more information on the Low Vz 2.0 and other products from Colonel Blades, please visit

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