Darrel Ralph 3.5 inch Gun Hammer
The 3.5-inch Gun Hammer from Darrel Ralph.
Darrel Ralph 3.5 inch Gun Hammer
The 3.5 inch Gun Hammer from Darrel Ralph.
It’s incredible what knife manufacturers can pack into a small product.

With its all new 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer miniature prototype, Darrel Ralph has made knife that is compact, yet complete with a top-of-the-line finish that makes this mini knife feel much larger in the user’s hands.

The 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer is the smaller version of the larger Gun Hammer. The knife stands out with its smooth blue anodized titanium 3D handles and a Radian stainless steel Damascus blade.

Featuring an assisted open, the 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer  was designed for everyday carry. It also locks like a vault and has a lifetime guarantee.

Darrel Ralph will make any configuration of this knife that a user would like.

The everyday carry version of the the 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer retails for $1,075. This version will be made with a titanium frame, CPM steel or equal, and assisted open or Maxx Glide Pivot bearing system open. Other options are also available.

All other versions of the 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer have an MSRP of $1,450.

For more information on the 3.5 Inch Gun Hammer and other products from Darrel Ralph, please visit DarrelRalph.com.

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