The DMT Magna-Guide Kit accommodates grit changes in seconds simply by flipping the patented Magnetic Angle Guide (MAG) to the opposite side of the sharpener. See just how easy it is in this demo video. No other guided sharpening system on the market provides an attachment like the MAG. In addition, DMT’s unique Aligner Blade Guide offers seven-step angle choices to match virtually any bevel from pocket and hunting knives to filet knives and cleavers, and beyond. Its new deep clamp design incorporates an adjustable center hinge to securely hold knives up to 3/8 of an inch thick. The clamp’s glass-reinforced engineering polymer achieves an extremely strong hold while preventing the type of knife damage that metal clamps can inflict.

The Magna Guide Kit also includes two Double-Sided Diafold Sharpeners—one in the Extra-Extra Fine (3 micron)/Extra-Fine (9 micron) grit combination, one in the Fine (25 micron)/Coarse (45 micron) grit combination. Each DMT Double-Sided Diamond Diafold Sharpener offers two-stage sharpening in one convenient, lightweight tool. Transparent handles feature a butterfly folding design to increase portability and protect the sharpener when not in use, while also making it easy to immediately identify the grit combination.

Hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and military and law enforcement personnel rely on DMT’s innovative products to ensure peak performance from their knives, multi-tools, fishhooks and other gear. Made in the USA, so they’re built to last with the highest quality materials and workmanship.

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