Spyderco K2 Folder
Farid Mehr Teams Up For Spyderco K2 Folder

Spyderco prides itself on fresh, radical ideas for the knife industry.

The company brought in British custom knifemaker Farid Mehr for one of its latest releases: the Spyderco K2, which the company refers to as a “generously sized folding knife that definitely supports the designer’s reputation.”

Just shy of 10 inches (254mm) overall, the Spyderco K2 features a 4.53-inch blade ground from CPM 10V — the first high-vanadium tool steel made using Crucible steel’s Powder Metallurgy process.

CPM 10V’s toughness and machining characteristics are comparable to D2 and M2, but it’s 9.75 percent vanadium content gives it extreme wear resistance. In a knife blade, this translates to superior edge retention — a highly desirable quality for a hard-use folder.

To balance the strength of its broad Bowie-style blade, the Spyderco K2 features a full-flat grind that tapers over its entire width to a keen PlainEdge cutting edge.

The blade’s spine is also precisely radiused near the handle to provide a comfortable bearing point for the thumb and a Trademark Round Hole ensures positive one-handed opening.

The Spyderco K2’s handle is also a study in strength. It consists of two stout scales machined from solid titanium. The reverse scale forms the foundation of the knife’s sturdy Reeve Integral Lock (R.I.L.) and faithfully includes Farid’s signature serpentine cut on the lock bar.

A stainless steel pocket clip attached near the pivot pin supports convenient right-side, tip-down carry.

The Spyderco K2 retails for $399.95 and is available now.

For more information on the Spyderco K2 and other products from Spyderco, please visit Spyderco.com.

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