Hoffner's Fixed Blades Gun Annual 2016

When it comes to self-defense knives, a fixed blade is usually preferable—and for good reason. The blade is significantly stronger with no lock that can come loose or break. It’s also easier to deploy the knife since it only requires a fast draw with nothing to unfold or unlock. And finally, since the handle length is distinct from the blade length, you can have a longer knife as well.

Carrying a fixed-blade knife is not legal in every jurisdiction, but for the places where it is, Brian Hoffner has designed two new knives that fit the defensive role extremely well. The Hand Spear is the smaller of the two with a 4.88-inch, full-tang, 440C stainless steel, spear-point blade with a false edge. The other blade, the Beast, has a large 7-inch, tanto-point blade that is 5/16 inches thick. This larger blade is designed more for heavy chopping and stabbing as a combat blade than an everyday carry/concealment knife, unless of course you have some big pants.

Both blades feature the same handle design and geometry found on Hoffner’s folding knives, with checkered G10 grip handles and central ambidextrous index divots for a better grip and faster transitions. The grips also have serrated outer edges for a rearward hold that provides an additional 1.5 inches of reach. They each also include a Click-Lok Kydex sheath with ambidextrous belt and MOLLE mounts.

Hoffner’s Hand Spear is available for $99 and the Best for $119. For more information or to purchase your own Hoffner knife, visit Hoffners.com/33-knives.

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