Hogue EX-T01 tomahawk

Hogue has announced the release of the EX-T01 tomahawk. Designed by renowned custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz, the EX-T01 is suitable for both tactical and sporting applications. It’s built from .25” S7 tool steel that has been cryogenically heat treated to 54-56 RC, and the blade boasts a black Cerakote finish.

Meanwhile, the EX-T01’s head has been skeletonized, meaning it’s very lightweight and agile, and its extended heel and toe are great for penetrating cuts and hooking, while the blade’s bellied shape covers slashing and chopping. More in the press release below.

The tomahawk‘s handle has a partial tang set into durable, highly textured G10. The end is pointed for use as an impact tool and is flared so the EX-T01 won’t slip out of the hand during use. Amazingly balanced, the tomahawk weighs in at a mere 0.95 lbs.

Such a fine field tool demands an equally impressive mode of carry. “We are very happy with the sheath that Allen came up with,” said Bruhns. The G10 sheath features magnetic catches and a raised section that matches the profile of the tomahawk, securing the EX-T01 in its proper position. Once magnetically placed, a lever lock can be manually engaged for safe carry. Although locked in tight, the system allows for rapid deployment.

The EX-T01 is available in four different G10 colors, black, flat dark Earth, OD green and G-Mascus blue lava and has an MSRP of $299.95. It is also customizable with accessories that attach on the backside of the head. The attachments are available individually for $69.95 and include a hammer, pry bar or spike. The EX-T01 also includes a blade safety guard and a form-fitted zipper storage case.

For more information, visit www.hogueknives.com

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