The right pocket knife makes a statement. With so many different style options available, your knife can truly be an extension of your own personal style and taste. Long gone are the days when all knives were created equal. Now you have the option of fully customizing your cutter; choosing everything from blade material to overall length, even handles crafted to match your exact needs—all for the right price of course. So whether you’re looking for a no frills pocket blade or you spend your days scouring the Internet for antique switchblade listings, we’re throwing our two cents in and telling you five high-quality, need-to-have blades that are available right now as we gear up for the holiday season.

For more information about the five knives featured in the photo gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Conquest Tactical Fury

Mission Workshop Unagi Knife

MoraKniv Pro S

SOG Kiku 4” Fixed

Winkler Knives Winkler Belt Knife CPM 3V

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