New for 2016, LEO Combat has released a redesigned version of its Triple-O knife

The new version features grip texturing, a better sheath that mounts at different angles, and added blunt trainers.

The Triple-O Knife features a thick, .177-inch, flat-ground blade to power through anything.

A tall, wedge-shaped guard keeps the user’s hand off the cutting edge without impairing combat effectiveness. Finger grooves guide the user’s hand into position when milliseconds count.

The knife also features an upward-oriented cutting edge, because the soft parts of any attacker (belly or throat) are best met with an upward thrusting motion using powerful muscles like the biceps and legs.

With its compact size — a 3.25-inch blade and a 6.625-inch overall length, the Triple-O is for easy carry on a belt, under the arm on a vest, or in a boot.

The Triple-O comes with a sturdy Kydex sheath to keep it close at hand.

The Triple-O Knife retails for $45 is available now.

For more information on the Triple-O Knife and other products from LEO Combat, please visit

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