Lone Wolf Knives’ new Paul® Protector from designer Paul W. Poehlmann is tough, sleek and great looking. The Paul® Protector is Paul Poehlman’s first tactical design, hoping to revolutionize the tactical carry knife market with a new category of “Gentleman’s Tactical Knives.”

Some custom makers offer tactical knives with fine finishes and exciting handle materials, but the Lone Wolf Knives tradition of offering semi-custom knives now features a tactical knife with the unique features of a Paul knife. The extreme strength of the patented Axial locking mechanism and the safety of its locked-open and locked-closed blade makes this knife safe for pocket carry at all times.

The one-hand-opening Paul® Protector has an aggressive reinforced tip on a 3.5″ 154CM high carbon stainless steel blade, able to handle any cutting task you may face. Lone Wolf Knives also heat treats, tempers and cryogenically freezes these blades to maximize cutting performance and toughness.

The handle is made from 3-D Carbon Fiber, which has a 3-D visual effect as the knife is turned, and profiled to fit in your hand for a secure and comfortable grip while remaining remarkably slim and sleek in your pocket. All of the metal components are built from stainless steel to provide easy maintenance and reliable service. These great looking handles are held in place with precision screws and escutcheon cups for a classy and high-tech appearance that is sure to please any knife enthusiast.

The Paul® Protector has a limited lifetime warranty and is packaged in a Lone Wolf gift box.

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Lone Wolf Knives' new Paul® Protector from designer Paul W. Poehlmann is tough, sleek…