Tactical Kiridashi Knife
Boker’s new Kiridashi knife, designed by Todd Begg, features a tactical interpretation of the traditional Japanese Kiridashi knife. This 5.13-inch knife features a polished, razor sharp, chisel grind edge, making it ideal for utility or as a dependable back-up knife. The bead blasted, curved handle with deep thumb notches provides a superb secure grip under all circumstances, and the slim profile provides superior carrying comfort.  Crafted of 440C stainless steel, the Kiridashi knife comes complete with a Kydex sheath for $139. More information can be found at

trijiconTrijicon AccuPoint Crosshair
The versatile new Trijicon 3-9x40mm AccuPoint Crosshair features advanced self-luminous aiming technologies, superb optical clarity and the battery-free illuminated crosshair, all combined to make for one superior mechanism in optic technology. The versatile new Trijicon AccuPoint provides high transitional speed and pinpoint accuracy, with the ability to handle virtually any lighting situation. Plus, its bright green crosshair utilizes an advanced exclusive combination fiber-optic and tritium self-luminous aiming-point illumination system. For more information on features and specs, visit

rifle1M40T7 Tactical Stock
Tactical Rifles’ new M40T7 stock was designed with the input of law enforcement and military snipers.  The T7 is undoubtedly the finest non-adjustable tactical stock available today. Its advanced mix of carbon fiber and fiberglass ensures lighter weight while providing tremendous strength. Available in a multitude of different camo patterns and colors, as well as Tactical Rifles’ exclusive Tac-Coat non-slip finish, the T7 offers the ergonomics that have previously been unavailable in non-adjustable stocks. Also available with an optional spare magazine holder located flush in the rear of the stock, visit for more information.

rapid-pistol-stabilizerRapid Response Pistol Stabilizer
Not every department can equip their officers or deputies with a patrol rifle, but that doesn’t mean the officers would never need one. Turn-Key Tactical Solutions offers a handy device that remedies this dilemma by allowing an operator to take a 9mm or .40 Glock with an extended magazine, and turn it into a carbine perfect for CQB.  It’s an inexpensive alternative to a patrol rifle, provides consistent accuracy and is easy to manipulate during room clearing. Visit for more information.

csat2Glass Assault Tool
Tactical operations often require the breaching of glass obstacles. This can be necessary during vehicles extractions, working with barricaded suspects or responding to hostage situations. XS Sights Systems’ CSAT GAT (Glass Assault Tool) provides a rapid and effortless means of breaching automotive or safety glass while keeping both hands on the primary weapon system. Easy to install, the CSAT GAT slips over any standard A1/A2 flash hider and is held in place by a compression fit with two screws. Features an aluminum housing and all-steel components, the CSAT GAT’s MSRP is $80 and is available direct from

anodizedSun Devil Anodized AR Receivers
Sun Devil has been flying under the radar in regards to their manufacture of high quality upper and lower receivers. Their new line of custom anodized receivers will appeal to all types of AR users including tactical operators, hunters and competitive shooters. One of the newest colors is a matte Teflon nickel that carries a carbon resistant quality.  All receivers are CNC machined from solid billet and are stronger than castings or polymer receivers. Prices range $319.95-399.95.  Check them out at; 480-833-9876.

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