The new Ontario Knife® Blackbird SK-5™ is not your typical outdoors knife; it is a tool that will serve you in the most extreme survival circumstances. By its very nature, a survival knife has to be able to endure prolonged use when splitting, notching, batoning — applications requiring superior force that when applied to other knives would be viewed as abuse. Many knives on the market today resemble multitools more than survival knives. The Blackbird SK-5 by the Ontario Knife Company was born out of exhaustive testing to ensure that only the most critical features directly related to survival were incorporated.

“My goal with the Blackbird SK-5 was to achieve the highest degree of function, delivered through pure simplicity. I wanted to create a tool that was comfortable to use and excelled in the core purpose of a wilderness survival knife, which is processing wood,” said knife designer Paul Scheiter. “Throughout the three years it took to design the knife, I never asked myself, ‘What other features can I add?’ but rather, ‘What else can I take away?’ The end result is a purely functional knife. I am proud of the Blackbird SK-5 design and thrilled that it’s manufactured by an American icon, the Ontario Knife Company,” he added.

The handle of the Ontario Knife Blackbird SK-5 was designed to provide a solid purchase for your hand every time. If you look at your hand, you won’t find any acute angles — the same is true of the handle of the Blackbird SK-5. The handle is constructed of Micarta, not too rough or smooth, just a solid grip, wet or dry, and nearly indestructible. The five-inch blade is crafted from 154CM steel. This steel is American made, heralded for its superior toughness, edge-retaining ability, sharpness and corrosion resistance. The intended function of the Blackbird SK-5 dictated the form and blade design. The SK-5’s blade is 0.13-inch thick and features a full-taper grind. The geometry of the blade works with the user, not against him, for enhanced carving and cutting operations.


A quick hunting or camping trip can morph into a survival situation if the simplest of details go horribly wrong. It’s times like these when your regular duty knife suddenly becomes a survival knife, and by its nature it could be subjected to rigors other knives would be unable to withstand. The Ontario Knife Blackbird SK-5’s blade was designed with a spear-point tip, allowing for angles that promote maximum strength and durability, especially at the point. The tip of the spear point is in line with the centerline of the blade for drilling operations — specifically, for fire starting using the bow drill method, but also proves its mettle when cutting through hide and hair or the breastbone of a deer. The sheath for the Ontario Knife Blackbird SK-5 is crafted from a rot-reducing, tactical nylon which is fully MOLLE compatible, or it can be worn utilizing the durable belt loop when camping
or hunting.

Like other Ontario Knife products, the Blackbird SK-5 complies with the Berry Amendment as it is proudly 100% made in the U.S.A. The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics, Inc., (listed as SVT on NYSE-Amex exchange.)

Founded in 1889, The Ontario Knife Company is a U.S. owned and operated organization that continually stays on the forefront of knife designs and cutting-edge technology. Ontario’s military supply roots go deep into its history, as the company has been supplying quality cutlery to the U.S. Military since WWI, beginning with its famous 18 inch Machete. Today, the company consistently develops new knife designs that allow military personnel to have the products they need in order to get their jobs done both on and off of the battlefield. Ontario Knife is also especially proud of being selected as the sole provider of the United States Marine Corps OKC3S Multi-purpose Bayonet System, Model 4 Rescue Strap Cutter. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, Ontario Knife teams with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets including the tactical/military, hunting, outdoors and cutlery industries. Worldwide sales activity encompasses more than 28 countries, and continues to grow.

For more information about The Ontario Knife Company and its industry-leading line of advanced knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools, contact The Ontario Knife Company at P.O. Box 145-26 Empire Street · Franklinville, NY 14737 · Telephone (716) 676-5527 · Or visit

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