The Ontario Knife Company® — synonymous with quality hunting and tactical knives for over a century — has introduced the latest knife in the Ranger series, the Ontario Knife Ranger FalconTM. Constructed from the same design and indestructible materials as the famed Ontario Knife Ranger AfganTM, the Ontario Knife Ranger Falcon is one of the strongest and most functional hunting blades available today.

While the new Ranger knife is also referred to as the ‘mini Gan’, cleverly nicknamed after its popular big bro, don’t let its pseudonym fool you — it’s big on standing up against the incredible punishment the field can bring, thanks to its fixed blade that is fully machined from 5160 steel and measures a full quarter-inch in thickness.

Even for experienced knife makers, designing a new knife is not as simple as sitting down and drawing it out. On paper, blade lengths versus handle dimensions often look out of proportion once you start working with steel. Beyond that, you need a strong knowledge of the challenges a design will face from the hands of the end user in the selection of blade design, material and coatings. The designer of the Ontario Knife Ranger FalconTM, Justin Gingrich has an impressive life resume including serving with the 3rd Ranger Battalion, 20th Special Forces Group and Ranger Training Brigade; police academy graduate, and service over seas in some the most volatile regions as a private security consultant — as well as an avid and accomplished hunter. Pulling from knowledge learned through his rich and diverse background, Justin has designed some of the strongest and most functional designs ever marketed to the public —the Ontario Knife Ranger Falcon is no exception.

“Hunting knives are a challenge to design because the requirements of the outdoorsman are unique. In designing the Ranger Falcon, I looked at all of the requisite functions required for the field craft of the outdoorsman and then fortified the design to dominate the most extreme situations while being mindful of the size and weight requirements of a hunting knife,” boasted Justin. “There were a few unique points I wanted address. I tested several materials to find the one that offered the best grip whether the user’s hands were wet or dry, but also considered if the material was tough enough to endure without succumbing to the elements. Although the blade is shaving-sharp, that was not as important as an edge that would not quickly dull while skinning and field dressing. Hunters often subject their knives to tasks bordering on abuse and at any time could be relied on as a life-saving device, so I designed the Ranger’s blade to be a full 1⁄4-inch thick — making it tough enough to bust through the breastbone or pelvis of a big- game animal. Every knife I design has been has been thoroughly field-tested and has proven to be properly shaped and designed for its particular use.”

The Ontario Knife Ranger FalconTM spans 8 1/8”, with a maneuverable blade length of 3 7/8”, making it an ideal size to hide in a daypack or carry close at hand on your belt. The 3 7/8” blade was specifically selected to maximize efficiency and handling whether dressing big or small game or chores around camp. The Ontario Knife Ranger Falcon provides a solid gripping surface thanks to the hunter-friendly green Micarta handle and tips the scales at 5.58 oz. Matching the rugged design and enduring features of the Ontario Knife Ranger Falcon is the black nylon sheath built to stand against the elements for decades.

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