Panteao Productions MRTK Knife

Panteao Productions is known for its top-notch instructional videos, but the company’s products are just as good.

The new MRTK knife was made exclusively for Panteao by Battle Horse Knives.

It was developed with the combined input of Dan Coppins of Battle Horse Knives and the instructors from the Panteao Make Ready to Survive Series. The goal was to create a workhorse of a knife that could handle a wide range of uses and scenarios. The MRTK does just that and then some.

The blade is made from 0-1 Tool Steel. It’s an oil hardening (cold work) steel that provides deep hardening and high toughness properties. It’s one of the most forgiving of any knife steel and produces blades of excellent quality.

The MRTK features a full tang design for maximum strength and durability. The blade itself is a saber grind. That type of grind is known for being strong, heavy-duty, and good for handling a wide range of tough jobs. Everything from field dressing game to splitting wood, the MRTK can tackle it.

The secondary convex edge of the blade provides great control. The spine of the knife has a 90-degree angle which is ideal for creating tinder or making a spark with a rock or ferrocerium rod. The handle is made from a combination of dark red G-10 and black Micarta, attached with brass and stainless steel Bird’s Eye Bolts and Heavy Duty Epoxy. The finger groove helps give users a solid and secure grip and the overall shape of the handle helps reduce the chance of hot spots in your hand after extended use.

A 3/8-inch lanyard hole is perfect for paracord, leather, or cordage. To secure the knife and keep it within easy reach is the Kydex sheath with a leather backer. The knife is secured in place within the sheath with a thumb lock system. Pull the lock up and the knife is secure in the sheath. Push it down and you have access to your knife. The leather backer helps make your sheath quiet when moving around.

The MRTK retails for $330 and is available now.

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