SOG Knives maker of civilian, military, law enforcement and utility knives debuts its latest high speed extreme power multi-tool.

New Stuff: Thanks to SOG’s S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) this is the only multi-tool in the world that features a one-hand power assisted opening system configured for two blades.

Speed first: Many times users in a working environment have only one hand available to operate a multi-tool. SOG has the solution. Once the blade is moved about 10-15 degrees by the user’s thumb the S.A.T. takes over and completes the opening. Now the user has two blades (one fully serrated for cutting cord and other slick surfaces and one with a conventional edge) to pick from (especially handy if the worker is wearing gloves).

Get a Grip! SOG’s PowerAssist features a unique robust internal gear drive system that multiplies the closing force of the pliers, cutter, and crimpers. Simply stated, it doubles the operator’s grip power. Finally, a handy sized robust utility tool that actually can do some serious work.

Comfort plus robust construction: SOG’s PowerAssist multi-tool features a wide grip for comfort and incredibly tough industrial grade construction.

Lock security: The other tools and accessory blades lock safely and securely once opened. No more accidental closing yet one finger can easily release and close these accessory locks with light pressure thanks to SOG’s ingenious easy to use Piano-Lock blade locking system.

Details: As you know the multi-tool market is extremely popular with consumers and professionals alike for their utility tool usefulness. This new SOG PowerAssist multi-tool comes armed with: combo pliers/wire cutter, utility blade, serrated utility blade, metal saw, can opener, flat and Phillips screw drivers, crimper tool, ruler, and handy V-cutter for line and industrial packing straps.

Open length: 7.125″
Closed: 4.675″
Weight: 9.3 oz.
Case: Comes with a belt attached leather pouch

Stainless steel (satin surface finish) $115.00
Stainless steel (black oxide finish) $122.00

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