Steel Will Gekko Mini Folding Knife

Pump-action shotgun aficionados usually appreciate one thing most about their chosen firearm—simplicity. Offering more capacity than a double-barrel shotgun, but more flexibility (and often, reliability) than a semi-auto, they are “just right” for these shooters.

Along those same lines, a good-quality folding knife is hard to beat. Easier to carry than a fixed blade and far simpler than an automatic blade, they are a good all-around choice.

An interesting new option in this category is the Gekko Mini series from Steel Will Knives.

Similar in design to the full-sized Gekko 1500, the Gekko Mini features smaller dimensions and lighter weight for easier everyday carry. It deploys its 3.5-inch, HRC 58-60 blade with a quick flip of the thumb stud and locks in place solidly with its lock-back mechanism.

The Gekko Mini is currently offered with either Micarta or G10 handle scales in a range of colors and weighs just under 5 ounces.

For more information on the Gekko Mini and other products from Steel Will, please visit or call 877-969-0909.

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