After five years of design and development, TJA Use of Force Training has released its patented IEW (Impact Edged Weapon).

Designed first and foremost as a concealable impact weapon, the IEW has tremendous and powerful striking capabilities.

Created by Thomas Archambault, the IEW is designed to fit into the user’s hand with a firm and controlled grip with the finger grooves in the blade that aligns with the handle.

The IEW features auto assist and a 440C Stainless serrated and straight blade.

The two strike points at the ends provides extremely powerful, focused, disabling striking points that directs full and concentrated energy of the strike without penetration.

Made for extreme durability, the IEW handle is constructed of G10 and carbon fiber and has an ambidextrous belt clip.

The IEW retails for $125 and is available now.

For more information on the IEW or TJA Use of Force Training, please visit

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