TOPS Knives is continuing its huge start to 2015 with its newest product: TOPS Cryptic Cyber Scales.

The new scales are made from Black G10 and feature a textured finish for a solid purchase on the knife.

TOPS also has a cryptic pattern cut into the scales that really make them stand out and give a unique look to the knife.

The Cryptic Cyber Scales are available on TOPS’ Covert Anti-Terrorism (C.A.T.) model in either the Hunter’s or Tanto point with Black Traction Coating.

The C.A.T. series has more than 15 years of real-time field service. It has been carried by military, law enforcement, hunters, campers and bushcrafters.

TOP’s purpose was to provide a solid backup blade that is easy to conceal and that could save lives in the right scenario and with proper training. It is a small, strong, highly versatile knife that is easy to use and maintain.

Aside from the obvious tactical uses, the C.A.T. is perfect for EDC. The kydex sheath helps maintain a low-profile and has a rotating clip so it can easily be worn in multiple carry positions.

For more information on the C.A.T. Cryptic Cyber Scales and other products from TOPS Knives, please visit


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