TOPS Knives Fiel Blade lead

Fiel is Spanish for “faithful” or “accurate,” which TOPS Knives feels is a very appropriate name for one of its newest tactical knives.

The Fiel a double-edged, hideaway fixed blade that makes a great last resort tool, tactical blade, and a serious EDC. Because of its small size and comfortable, contoured handle, it is easy to wield. That makes for precise slashing, slicing, and stabbing cuts.

TOPS Knives’ new blade includes generous finger guards and jimping on the flat of each side of the blade to give a solid grip for safety.

The sheath was engineered to work well as a neck knife with a secure lock up on the blade, but is also compatible with Tek-Lok for those that would prefer to wear it on their belts. The knife is small enough and slim enough to make it an excellent concealed carry option.

The Fiel and an MSRP of $130, but is currently available for $104 via Tops Knives.

For more information on the Fiel and other products from TOPS Knives, please visit

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