TOPS Knives teamed up with Shawn Owens for one of its latest offerings: The Micro Hawk.

Owens is a pilot, Filipino martial artist, and hand-to-hand/edged weapons instructor. He pulled from each of these areas of expertise for his design, which has the characteristics of a tomahawk, karambit, and straight knife all in one.

The 5/16-inch thick 1095 steel feels as solid as it looks, but won’t weigh too much on your belt. The camo paracord wrap has obvious uses for survival, but also gives a comfortable grip on the knife.

The minimalistic Kydex sheath keeps the weight down, but holds the Micro Hawk in place securely.

The Micro Hawk was designed to be an EDC defensive tool, small enough to carry daily, and can also be versatile. When flying light aircraft, weight is always a concern, so this tool goes with Owens everywhere he can possibly take it.

The Micro Hawk has an MSRP of $180 and is available now.

For more information on the Micro Hawk and other products from TOPS Knives, please visit

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