TOPS Knives was approached by multiple individual operators who wanted a small knife with a fairly narrow carrying profile, and it had to be strong and light in weight.

With these criteria in mind, TOPS created the Mil-SPIE knife.

The Mil-Spie 3.5-inch folder has a solid construction and TOPS quality.

Because of its popularity, TOPS decided to offer the folder with a Tanto point. The strong-tipped Tanto point will give you great penetration.

The 4.5-inch handle design has been tested time and again with the best results and the updated tip gives the user more options to choose from when selecting a TOPS folder. It’s a go-to-it EDC Tanto.

The Mil-SPIE Tanto is still a combination of rugged good looks, lightweight steel, a secure grip, a great working blade and a sturdy clip attachment.

With an overall length of 8 inches, the Mil-SPIE is the exact size operators wanted.

Available in Coyote Tan with Black Traction Coating, the Mil-SPIE normally retails for $199.95, but is currently on sale for $159.95.

For more information on the Mil-SPIE Tanto-tipped knife and other products from TOPS Knives, please visit

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