Here at Tactical-Life, we love a good knife or blade. From fixed blade, to folder, machete to a sturdy axe, there’s always room in the pocket or in the pack for another quality tool. In that spirit, we were on the hunt at the recent SHOT Show in Las Vegas, running down the latest and greatest products from the industry. So check out this year’s rundown of the best blades we saw at SHOT.


DoubleStar’s Rob Cabrera designed the Fury Crashete ($469.99) to dominate any other weapon in its class. Constructed of thick spring steel, this one is built to fight. Meanwhile, the CrashHawk ($499.99) is a cross between a crash axe and a tomahawk. And if those two massive blades aren’t cool enough, DoubleStar offer the Noogie Bottle Opener ($39.99). No, they don’t call them brass knuckles, it’s machine aluminum after all. But if you ever had to tune somebody up … er, open your frosty beverage, DoubleStar’s got you covered.

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The Gerber G1-002 Limited Edition Fixed Blade features a machined handle finished with a cerakote coating. Meanwhile the blade’s finish is polished. A 1-of-100 run, the knife retails at $400. Also, Gerber’s new multi-tool, the Center-Drive, functions off a newly-designed center-axis driver. The Center-Drive retails for $104.

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SOG Knives

Four different SOG knives made the cut, including the Seal XR, Sync I, Sync II and the Terminus XR. SOG built the Terminus XR as an everyday carry knife (EDC). Moreover, it delivers an ergonomic shape and the company’s XR locking mechanism. The Terminus XR retails for $79.95. The Sync I and II are ingenious multi-tools that double as belt buckles or clip on a pack. The Sync I retails for $55.95, while the Sync II comes in at $66.95. The Seal XR is an aggressive folder expected to launch in July with a retail price of $188.95.

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Boker USA

The unique blade on the Boker Chad Nichols “Virus” Pattern Damascus Automatic delivers a stunning visual. The commands a premium price as well at $649. Meanwhile, the Kwaiken Mini Auto delivers yet another solid EDC to the Boker lineup, retailing at $225.

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Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge’s Paraclaw features a 1.5-inch hawkbill blade stealthily concealed within a paracord bracelet. The handy take-anywhere knife retails for $29.95.

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For those seeking a more traditional blade, Filson offers the Elk Antler Winkler Knife. Featuring elk antler scales and a 800CrV2, the Winkler delivers a timeless look through modern design. Moreover, the knife retails for $695.

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Ontario Knife Company

Cool was definitely on tap at the OKC booth, with the Fleet Fire Spax ($275) and the SP-16 Spax in all their awesome ruthlessness. Meanwhile, the Ranger Kerambit EOD ($236.50) and Curve Karambit ($74.95) utilize wicked, curved blades.

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Dubbed a rescue tool, Benchmade’s 365 Outlast features two blades, a glass breaker and rescue hook. The 365 Outlast retails for $300.

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