Wilson Combat Damasteel StarRaider Knife
The Wilson Combat Damasteel StarRaider Tactical Folder

Wilson Combat’s brand new Damasteel StarRaider tactical folder was gone almost before it arrived.

The knife, limited to just 10 serialized pieces, is already off of the shelves.

The Damasteel StarRaider merges Wilson Combat’s signature Starburst grip design and the superb quality and performance of knifemaker Brian Tighe’s artistic cutlery vision.

The sculpted Titanium handle houses Tighe’s rock-solid button lock and proprietary Sealed Thrust Bearing System (STBS). The STBS is the secret ingredient that gives the blade an amazing glassy-smooth flipper operation that must be felt to believed.

Also included on the Damasteel StarRaider is a Titanium pocket clip.

The high performance and beautiful Swedish Damasteel powdered metal technology stainless steel blade is polished and etched with a unique, eye catching contrast and amazing cutting performance.

Damasteel is a Swedish powdered metal Damascus steel that is renowned for toughness, material quality and unmistakable beauty. Damasteel is a blend of two stainless knife steels and the end result is as hi-performing as it is attractive.

Because of the beauty of the deeply etched pattern, Wilson Combat opted not to engrave the blades with its custom alliance logo. To identify these unique Wilson Custom Alliance knives in the future, Wilson Combat is supplying a personalized dog tag with the serial number and other pertinent information.

The Damasteel StarRaider was priced at $895. Wilson Combat has not announced if it will restock the knife.

For more information on the Damasteel StarRaider and other products from Wilson Combat, please visit ShopWilsonCombat.com.

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