Made of 3/16” D2, the COP Tool can be used as a pry bar — something any cop understands — without worrying about breakage. The chisel tip and thumb divot make it a handy scraping tool, perfect for license plate year tabs, evidence gathering and more. The serrations will cut much longer than a standard edge — without needing to be sharpened. The seatbelt cutter makes it a must for LE and EMT personnel, and does double-duty for cutting lightweight line. The cord wrap handle gives a positive grip and the exposed steel butt with built in O2 wrench acts as a glass-breaker or pounding tool. The sheath is designed to be carried on your inner belt — under your duty belt — keeping it out of the way until deployed. The Wilson Combat COP Tool is a perfect partner for anyone in need of a tough tool for the kinds of chores you encounter daily. Whether you’re a cop, EMT, truck driver, soldier or simply appreciate versatility and quality in a useful tool, the Wilson Combat COP Tool is a solid addition to your bag of options.

*Full Tang Construction

*Chisel Tip for Prying/Scraping

*Thumb Divots for Secure Grip

*Seat Belt Cutter

*Single Finger Groove

*Exposed Tang for Glass Breaking/Pounding

*Serrated Cutting Edge

*Kydex Sheath Designed to be Carried Between Inner Belt and Duty Belt

*Includes a Lanyard

*Scary Sharp Cutting Edge

*Handmade in USA

MSRP $139.95

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Made of 3/16” D2, the COP Tool can be used as a pry bar…