A lightweight 7.62X51mm magazine with all kinds of hybrid twists and perks, Lancer has taken things to a new level with the L7 Advanced Warfighter Magazine.

Lancer engineers have taken the lessons learned from the L5AWM magazine and user feedback to create a lightweight, reliable 7.62X51mm magazine.

The all new hybrid magazine balances the strength of steel with the toughness of polymer.

The L7AWM incorporates a unique dual steel design that wraps completely around the magazine, maximizing stiffness and feeding reliability while minimizing wear and dimpling to the front of the magazine caused by high volume firing.

The magazine also contains a switchable drain located on the floor plate lock. This feature, in conjunction with drain channels in the floor plate, allows the user to configure the magazine between water-borne and extreme dust conditions.

The L7AWM is designed to work in multiple weapon systems ‐ SR25, SIG716, DPMS 308, LM308 ‐ and is currently available in 10- and 20-round capacities with a translucent or opaque polymer body.

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  •    Impact resistant polymer body
  •    Insert molded stainless front guard, resistant for high volume shooting
  •    Stainless rear feed lip, provides a durable stable platform for feeding
  •    Available with translucent or opaque body
  •    Straight internal geometry with a controlled tilt follower
  •    Stainless steel spring
  •    Slide on bottom with a switchable drain
  •    Aggressive texture to improve gripping and retrieval from pouches

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