Using stainless 1-in-8″ twist Lothar-Walther barrels, available in four-lengths, the LaRue Stealth Sniper upper is an ideal set up that delivers outstanding performance from the AR-15 platform with a large variety of ammo. The system seen here is equipped with a Magpul CTR stock and MIAD grip, with a SureFire Scout Light and Aimpoint 3XMag and Comp C3 sights.

Whether it is good marketing or something else, AR-15s have enjoyed record sales over the past few years. Dubbed “Modern Sporting Rifles” by some, the black rifle is no longer just for tactical types and the subsequent plethora of wannabes. Eugene Stoner’s little carbine is evolving into an immensely versatile platform with the reliability and precision for many uses. From the battlefield to hunting fields, going fast or going long, the modern AR is suitable for many roles.

Using a proprietary two-pin barrel nut system and locking anti-slip plate, LaRue’s accessory rails are cut close to the barrel and feature quick-detach sling-swivel socket on both sides.

While this mainstream acceptance is fairly recent, top-end AR-15s have been evolving since its inception. National Match shooting comprises range exercises developed to train skills with military issue rifles and match-grade versions allow testing of new ideas and improvements.

Shooting offhand at speed was a seamless transition, made easier by the match-grade DPMS trigger and Insight MRDS.

Across-The-Course events require rifles capable of one-minute accuracy at 600 yards and builds the skills needed. This environment is where sniper programs were created, as anyone who has read the exploits of Herbert McBride or Carlos Hathcock already knows. With this drive, shooters began looking at ways to make the M16 work in accuracy-intense applications.

With groups like this, there’s no need for a bench rest. Using good ammo, the Stealth Sniper delivers better-than-guaranteed accuracy in realistic shooting scenarios.

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Using stainless 1-in-8" twist Lothar-Walther barrels, available in four-lengths, the LaRue Stealth Sniper upper…