LaserMax has collaborated with Manta Defense to produce a weapon-mounted/handheld crossover light that snaps on and off of your rifle’s accessory rail without the need for tools. Called the Manta-Ray, this light emits 140 lumens of mint-green-tinted light from the heart of the visible light spectrum that is powered by a rechargeable battery with a one-hour constant-on run time, and illumination modes that include variable output and constant-on/momentary activation.

The Manta-Ray can integrate with your existing LaserMax Remote Activation Switch, so you can intuitively turn it on and off without removing your hands from your weapon’s controls.

When you need a light that’s not attached to your weapon, the Manta-Ray detaches from your standard accessory rail with a quick, intuitive motion to become a handheld light. Press it back on when you want it remounted to your weapon; no tools are necessary, and there are no locks or levers to slow down the dismount/remount.

For those running night vision equipment, the Manta-Ray comes in an infrared illumination variant that features a 380mW infrared illuminator with the same features as the mint-green-light-emitting standard model.

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