During a recent trip to Gunsite as a guest of LaserMax, a recurring question resurfaced: Is there a tactical application for a laser-equipped pistol for LEOs? In response, a representative of LaserMax pointed out that the company has been building laser devices for the military and law enforcement for more than 20 years. Improvements in the designs as well as the introduction of green lasers have encouraged me to reconsider the topic.

To that end, I asked LaserMax to send out its latest guide rod laser using Native Green technology for my Glock. The LaserMax guide rod laser is pre-zeroed; just install it and confirm it. Mine was dead on at 15 yards and in—the range these are most useful. I tested it indoors, outdoors and during live fire at the range. Most testing revolved around close-quarters use inside a building equipped for police or tactical operations. The testing was not only informative, but it also illustrated the changes in laser technology over the years. While it solidified many of my long-held opinions, it opened the door to some others.

In my opinion, visible lasers used on police weapons have a place, but they should have an off switch. A laser is an aiming assist, not a searching tool. While I may concede applicability in a patrol environment for some, only lasers requiring conscious activation would be allowed on any tactical team under my control.

CQB KINGS: Lasers excel in positions where you cannot access the sights—namely fighting from your back, around cover or at close distances. If you’re using a shield, they allow you to stay on target while remaining behind it. Hits are also easier to make when one arm is down or cannot be used. A laser aiming device can be a huge help in positions where your usual grip, stance and sighting may be severely compromised.

The green LaserMax guide rod laser most closely meets my requirements for sure, and would work best given it is easy to leave off until needed. Either way, if you are looking at department-wide implementation, be sure to take your time, do your research and above all implement proven training.

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