The LBT/2VA Covert Pack is the result of a collaboration between London Bridge Trading and 2 Vets Arms. These two companies have teamed up to design a true covert tactical carry bag which conceals the fact that the end user is carrying a rifle. This new pack is capable of holding an AR-15 with a 16-inch barrel broken down, as well as five magazines in interior inserts which are easy to add and remove, enabling the end user to make their bag range-ready in short order.

The pack itself has a height of 26 inches, a bottom width of 11.5 inches, and a top width of eight inches, as well as an overall volume of 1,940 cubic inches. In addition, the inserts in the LBT/2VA Covert Pack have a height of 25 inches, a width of nine inches, a depth of four inches, and a volume of 900 cubic inches.

The LBT/2VA Covert Pack is available in several different patterns, including Urban Wolf, MultiCam, Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Mandrake, and Kryptek Nomad. Manufacturer suggested retail price for this product is $325.00. See below for additional details.

Each Bag is a Kit That Contains:

-Rifle Insert
-Rifle insert secure tie downs
-Medium magazine pouch

Pack Dimensions: LBT/2VA Covert Pack

-Height: 26 inches
-Bottom Width: 11.5 inches
-Top Width: 8 inches
-Depth: 4 inches
-Overall Volume: 1,940 cubic inches (pack and insert combined)

Insert Dimensions: LBT/2VA Covert Pack

-Height: 25 inches
-Width: 9 inches
-Depth: 4 inches
-Volume: 900 cubic inches

2 Vets Arms is a veteran-owned business which specializes in manufacturing high performance custom tactical rifles, parts and accessories (flashlights/lights, apparel, bags, cases) for use by military and law enforcement. For more information about the Covert Pack from London Bridge Trading and 2 Vets Arms, please visit

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