LEID Products, a company which specializes in electronic lockers and cabinet storage with biometric asset protection and control, has officially unveiled their latest product: the SmartGuard Handgun Safe. This innovative product secures a single firearm in a biometrical accessible, tamper-proof, under desk mount storage unit. It is designed for use by law enforcement and government agencies.

The safe is managed and configured through the BACS Kiosk. The purpose of the Kiosk is so that an administrator can enroll users, manage access permissions, view tracking logs and ensure maintenance & accessibility. Separate from the SmartGuard, a mounted biometric reader identifies authorized users via a fingerprint to unlock. When configured, the SmartGuard logs events back to the central location, which also operates while offline. The unit will allow access to the storage location by a user who was previously authorized in the event that communication to the central location is interrupted. In addition, there is a lockout feature, which the administrator can set up, which limits the number of transactions which can occur without communication to the central location. There is a single cable input for power and communication, which utilizes a single Cat5 cable and emerging PoE (Power over Ethernet) standards.

Simply put, the BACS system is setting the standard for any organization which requires access to rifles, tasers, armory assets and ammunition. It has been implemented in military facilities, crime and research labs, law enforcement departments, college and university campuses, and airports.

“The SmartGuard Handgun Safe is a product that our team has been working on for quite a while,” said Sam Hoff, President of LEID Products. “We’ve always envisioned a more flexible single asset storage unit for handguns that would maintain the same level of security and reporting capabilities as the BACS locker units.”

User Feedback: BACS Kiosk

-Blue: Reader has detected an object and is acquiring a finger print read.
-Green: Access GRANTED
-Red: Access DENIED
-Yellow: Communication to Central Location (BACS Kiosk) OFFLINE
-Flashing Red: Access DENIED – System Lockout threshold exceeded.

Dimensions: SmartGuard Handgun Safe

-Height: 7 5/8”
-Depth: 14”
-Width: 3 1/2”

To learn more about the BACS SmartGuard Handgun Safe, visit:

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