Lenco BearCat Tactical SUV
Lenco BearCat Tactical SUV

Armored vehicle manufacturer Lenco has announced their new Tactical SUV, a variant of the BearCat APC which has become the standard for military and law enforcement agencies around the world. This brand new model, designed for a variety of tactical missions, includes military-grade armor which allows for multi-hit protection and under body protection against hand grenades.

Continuing the tradition that has made Lenco the go-to manufacturer for quality armored vehicles, the new Lenco BearCat Tactical SUV shares a number of features with the BearCat, including an open floor plan enabling quick and easy entry and exit, optimized seating, and customizable shelving and gun racks. If necessary, the operators can engage with side and rear gun ports and a flush mounted roof hatch.

The Lenco BearCat Tactical SUV is also built on a commercial truck platform, which conveniently allows for OEM dealers and truck centers to perform maintenance and upkeep, thereby reducing operating costs for the user when compared to other armored vehicles.

With the introduction of their new Tactical SUV, Lenco proves why they are one of the leaders in manufacturing law enforcement, government and military vehicles. This new armored vehicle is perfect for a number of different tactical applications, including transporting VIPs, diplomatic protection, and safely moving SWAT teams without attracting attention or creating panic. It affords the user the luxury of having the armored protection and interior layout of a BearCat with a more low profile, covert outside appearance. Pricing information for this new product has not yet been released.

For more information, visit www.lencoarmor.com

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