The FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal.

Following requests from law enforcement, FN got to work improving ergonomics and adaptability of its 303 less lethal system. The release of the FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher is the result of those requests. Available to law enforcement only, the 303 provides a modular less lethal solution to our front line.

The FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher

Starting with a modular chassis system, operators and armorers can build the 303 to their specific requirements. With the ability to customize the buttstock, grip and sighting systems each officer will have a specialized launcher. To begin with, the included FN SCAR stock allows full adjustment of cheek rise, length of pull and foldability.

However, optional stocks provide options for various scenarios. For example, the Drop-Down Folding Visor Helmet Stock is designed for officers wearing riot gear. Also, a telescopic PDW stock is perfect for close quarters and transporting the launcher.

The buttstock of the FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal can be swapped for different scenarios.

The 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher comes with a Mil-Spec A2-style pistol grip. But it is interchangeable with aftermarket A2-style options. Finally, the continuous picatinny rail carries the fully adjustable polymer sights with 60 MOA of compensation. However, the rail also accepts various other sights and lights, for those who prefer advanced optics.

Upgraded Operation

A shorter tank and compact 7.6-inch barrel establish a better balance point. As a result, the 303 has faster handling, sighting and reduced fatigue. Upgrades to the air operating system not only help improve handling but also cut department maintenance time in half. The 303 Tactical can now fire 5,000 projectiles before the first round of maintenance is necessary.

Moreover, with a new, compact, compressed air tank the FN 303 Tactical delivers the .68-caliber fin-stabilized projectiles with speed and accuracy. The officer facing clear rear cover of the magazine allows officers to see how many projectiles remain and their type. Additionally, officers can quickly and easily switch between inert, marking impact or irritant projectiles based on scenario.

The projectiles are easily changeable between inert, marking impact or irritant.

“For nearly twenty years, FN has been in front of the ever-changing landscape of less lethal product development with the FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher,” said Charles “Bucky” Mills, Sr. Director, Law Enforcement and Federal Sales for FN America, LLC. “From the original FN 303, to recent upgrade with the FN 303 Mk2 and now with the FN 303 Tactical released today, the constant evolution of our less lethal product designs ensures users have the most versatile and innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of federal, state and local agencies.”


The FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher is available now and has an MSRP of $1,439. For more info, please visit

The FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal.

FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher Specifications

Caliber: .68
Operation: Compressed air at 3000 PSI
Mag Capacity: 15 projectiles
Weight: 6.93 pounds
Barrel Length: 10 inches
Overall Length: 29.3 inches
Sights: Adjustable Flip-Up Polymer Sights

Projectile Specifications

Caliber: .68 caliber
Weight: 8.5 grams
Construction: Fin-stabilized polystyrene body
Forward Payload: Non-toxic bismuth
Rear Payload: Color coded, varies by payload type
Effective Range: 50 meters with FN 303® launcher
Maximum Range: 100 meters with FN 303® launcher

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