our less-lethal roundup brings you the best in products that won't kill anyone

Most credible self-defense experts agree that having some sort of less-lethal option is a good idea. In the words of Chuck Haggard, it’s good to have a level of force “between harsh words and a gun.” With that in mind, let’s take a look at some options for less-lethal force.

Less-Lethal 12 ga from PS Products

Personal Security Products just released a line of less-lethal 12 ga ammo for civilian purchase. They include Rubber Ducky, Triple Ball, Short Cayenne Blast, Cayenne Blast, Boom Boom, Beehive, and Knockout Bean Bag. I don’t know what all of them do, but I am pretty sure there will be some family reunions this year that end with more than just bruised feelings. MSRP $10-40.

Byrna SD Pepper Ball Pistol

The Byrna SD is a magazine fed, less lethal pistol that holds five .68 caliber balls. Effective range is 60’ using a CO2 cartridge. Five different OC and kinetic balls are available for purchase. Available in black, tan, gray, yellow and pink; MSRP is $399. It even has an accessory rail for the addition of a light or laser.

Fazer Defense GPS Tracking Pepper Spray Foam

Pepper Spray kits for joggers with loud sirens and flashing lights have been around for years. But Fazer Defense powered by Guardian Products) just took the next logical step. When you draw the unit from the holster, it Bluetooths to your phone and sends a text and voice message to up to five friends and it gives them your exact location on Google maps. It shoots 15 one second bursts of pepper foam with indelible ink to mark the bad guy. It has a four year battery lifeMSRP is $74.99 and I think I just found my daughter’s present when she heads for college.

Geisler Defence GD105 Pepper Spray Gun

Geisler Defence GD105 Pepper Spray Gun

Not all of us are living in free America, but we all have the God given right to defend our own lives. For those in restrictive states or going into buildings where live firearms are not allowed, Geisler Defence makes a pepper spray gun that looks and feels like a real gun. Whether you like the look because it is more intimidating or if you feel more comfortable handling a firearm, the GD105 fits the bill. It has a receiver mounted thumb safety, an effective range of 12-15 feet, will fire for 8-9 seconds continuously or 10-13 in 1 second bursts, and holds a spare OC cartridge in the grip. MSRP is $99.00

It’s worth noting that this, like the Byrna SD pistol mentioned above, could easily be mistaken for an actual gun. The same self-defense experts that recommend carrying a quality less-lethal option recommend against less-lethals that look like guns.

Guard Dog Security Pepper Slime

First there was pepper spray, then pepper fog, then pepper foam, pepper balls, your household pepper shaker and now pepper slime. Why slime? Increased range, accuracy, sticking power, and reduced blowback. You heard it here first. Exclusively from Guard Dog Security.

Hero Defense Systems Aiiro

The Aiiro looks kind of like a phaser

Hero Defense Systems was back this year with their new Aiiro Non-Lethal “Pava” gel gun that is the size of a smart phone. It fires two, nitrogen loaded shots with a range of 15 feet and has a 120db alarm. The double cartridges are easily replaceable. MSRP is $179. Training cartridges are $16.95 while the Pava filled cartridges are $26.95.

Pepperball Police Patrol Carbine

Pepperball introduces a new non-lethal option for daily patrol. Effective up to 150’ it can be powered by CO2 cartridges or an HPA tank. It shoots semi-auto and has a6 or 10 round magazine. Pepperball makes a variety of different payloads to choose from. The picatinny top rail comes with iron sights, but a red dot sight can be added. The M-LOK handguard allows for the attachment of a laser or light. MSRP is approximately $900. 

Taser Bolt 2

TASER, a “shockingly” good less-lethal product, just released the Taser Bolt 2. It uses CR123 batteries, comes with two live cartridges and a practice target. It still has the built-in light and aiming laser. Best of all, it incapacitates the bad guy for up to the 30 seconds while you beat feet. TASER’s companion app can be set up to dial 911 whenever the Bolt 2 is deployed. And if you need to leave it at the scene or it gets confiscated as evidence, TASER will replace it for free. MSRP $449.00

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